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Wegen Picks

Wegen picks are individually hand crafted in the Netherlands out of a substance that does not wear.  These picks are the closest to tortoise shell that we have played and they are more consistent.  The points of the picks are beveled which allows then to glide over the strings.  This bevel is different for right and left handed players and are available for both. 

Wegen also specializes in thick Gypsy Jazz picks (above) for the D'jango style gypsy swing players.  A fine pick is like a fine bow, both will bring out wonderful tone.  We highly recommend these picks!

Wegen Mandolin Pick M150
A great pick for mandolin players, Radim Zenkl loves this pick! 3 for $15.00


Wegen Triangular TF140
The big triangle - reported to be Chris Thile's favorite pick.  2 for $15.00


Wegen Bluegrass BG140
Classic shape w/holes for extra grip, great feel, Bluegrass picker's crave this pick.  4 for $15.00


Wegen Dipper D140
The pick for everyone, feels like 6 picks in one! 3 different hand beveled edges.  Our shop favorite!  2 for $15.00


Picks are very important for producing a good tone, just as a good bow is as important for a violin, viola, or cello.  Some players have said the bow produces half the sound.  These picks are great tools that will bring out the best in your playing!

For a limited time we have the official Wegen pick pouch!  Just like one that Grandpa used to carry his change in, a great place for all your favorite picks.



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