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On-site Instrument Repair & Restoration by our degreed violin maker - Benjamin Parrott

     Benjamin Parrott graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN in 1999 with his degree in string instrument technology and he makes violins, violas, cellos and classical guitars.  Benjamin has been performing our instrument repair and restoration since 2002.  He understands the needs of the professional musician and that understanding is reflected in his fantastic set up work, tonal adjustments, instrument repair and restoration as well as in his own hand made and workshop instruments.  His expert work enables instruments to perform to their potential which will take the musicianís skill to new levels.

     Benjamin provides timely repair service and on the spot expert advice during your visit.  He makes his "hand made" instruments and also a new line of more affordable "workshop" instruments available at Frank's Violins.  These workshop instruments are hand finished by Benjamin and include his special hand applied amber based oil varnish (in the old Italian tradition) and his personal set up and tonal adjustment.  Both his hand made and new workshop instruments are available now so stop by and play one today! 

Click here to see photos of Ben's hand built violins.

Frank's Violins will be glad to quote the cost of your repair prior to any work beginning.  Repair and adjustment services for the following items are available.

Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass

Sound posts
Bass Bars
End buttons
Open seams
Top removal
Neck reset
Rib shortening
Scroll grafts
Patching or cleating
French polishing
Bow re-hairing, tip re-facing, lapping, grip replacement and cambering

Ben is also available to perform tonal adjustments of your instrument to bring it to it's fullest potential.  Call for more details or with any questions at 317-251-5950.

On a side note, about five years ago I was sitting in the office of Robert Bein of Bein & Fushi in Chicago with two Stradivarius violins his assistant Dana had delivered to his desktop and Mr. Bein said "Everyone is trying to figure out the "secret" of Stradivarius violins.....I think the secret is was the man that made the difference"!  Stop by Frank's Violins and see how our service can make a difference for you!

Here are some photos of Ben's work!


Fretted instrument repair & restoration
Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, and more!

Instrument repair and restoration is also available for guitars, banjos, mandolins, mandolas, mando-cellos, dobros, dulcimers, harps, ukuleles, and other related instruments from student level to fine vintage quality.  Instrument appraisals are also available.

Acoustic instrument repairs may include:

Custom setups
Fret leveling and recrowning
Crack repair
Custom inlay
Tuning peg repair / replacement
Vintage inlay replacement
Under saddle pickup and preamp install
Nut and saddle replacement
Finish repairs and nitro finishes
Bridge reglue or replacement
Pickguard replacement
Bridge plate repair and replacement
Reglue loose brace(s)
Neck resets
Crack repair
Peghead break repair

Electric instrument repairs may include:

Custom setups
Nut replacement
Electronic repairs - pickups, pots, switches, custom wiring
Tuning peg repair / replacement
Pickup and tremolo routes
Control cavity shielding
Peghead breaks and cracks
Finish repairs and nitro finishes
Fretless bass conversions
Custom pickguards
Buzz Feiten Tuning System retrofitting 

All repairs are completed in a timely fashion with the highest quality products available including Russian Siberian unbleached white horsehair, all hide glue (never white glue, wood glues, or "Super" type glues), Grade A ebony replacement parts for fingerboards, nuts, pegs, and saddles, Despiau French maple bridges, etc.  Simple repairs can be done while you wait and other more extensive repairs as time requires.  Please call or stop in for more information or contact us with any questions you may have.

We look forward to serving all of your stringed instrument needs!

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