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Instrument Rentals

Violin rentals - $20.00 / month
Viola rentals - $25.00 / month
Cello rentals - $30.00 / month
Bass rentals - $37.50 / month

Books, music stands, and all required accessories are available at our store.  We also offer loaners if your instrument needs repair.  Call with any questions and we will be happy to help with your instrument rental requirements.

Indiana�s String Instrument Specialist
Frank�s Violins has been Indiana�s string instrument specialist for over 39 years.  Frank�s has been named as the Official Luthier to the International Violin Competition of Indianapolis.  We are a full service violin store.

All rental instruments have been custom adjusted by one of our luthiers to standardized MENC (The National Association for Music Education) specifications to ensure that your child�s instrument has the best tone quality available and is comfortable to play.  A case or bag, bow, and rosin are included with your rental outfit

Service & Maintenance
Frank�s provides all maintenance for the rental instruments by our degreed luthier and is included in our rental pricing.  Loaner instruments are also supplied for your convenience as needed.

Renting vs. buying student violins

We generally suggest renting over buying fractional size instruments since you can move up in size as needed at any time.  If you are in a full size and have made a commitment to the instrument then buying is to your advantage.  If you are in a full or fractional size instrument and are still "testing the waters" of your violin endeavors renting is usually preferred as long as your renting a well set up, quality instrument.  Renting also allows you to delay your purchase decision until you reach a full sized instrument, have a commitment to playing and your instrument needs have been determined.  Our quality starter violin outfits (the Encourage outfit) are $389.00 with a case and bow.  Higher quality outfits are available and can be customized to your needs.  Our rental program is not a purchase agreement!  Some rental contracts ARE purchase agreements, similar to "rent-to-own" agreements in which you are agreeing to buy an instrument upon signing the contract.  I always suggest, as they say, "reading the fine print and doing the math" before signing any rental or purchase agreement.  Don't be pressured!

Purchase Option

Should you decide to purchase an instrument, 50% of all rental fees (excluding tax) paid during the first three years apply toward the purchase of any bowed instrument in our fine selection at Frank's Violins including name brands like Sofia, Eastman, Angel, Snow, Scott Cao, Los Angeles String Instruments, Samuel Shen, and more. 

Instrument sizing and trade-up

Frank's instruments will �grow� with your child.  Smaller rental instruments can be exchanged for the next larger size, as necessary, at no additional charge.  It is very important that your child be sized and fitted to the appropriate size instrument and we are happy to assist in that process.  Refer to the chart below to determine the instrument size required.  Measure the distance from the base of the left side of the neck to the middle of the palm of the left hand with the elbow slightly bent.  Your violin instructor can also assist you in instrument sizing.

Use this chart as a guideline to determine instrument size:

Arm Length Approximate Age Instrument Size
14" to 15 3/8" 3-5 yrs 1/16
15 3/8" to 16 7/8" 3-5 yrs 1/10
16 7/8" to 181/2" 3-5 yrs 1/8
18 1/2" to 20 3/8" 4-7 yrs 1/4
20 3/8" to 22 1/4" 6-10 yrs 1/2
22 1/4" to 23 5/8" 9-11 3/4
23 5/8" and up 9-Adult 4/4 or full size


Frank�s Violins has over 40 years experience in working with young music students.  We are uniquely qualified to assist you in getting your child just the right instrument and educational materials necessary to help them on their way to a successful musical experience. 

Rental Fees

All instrument outfits are rented for a four month period or trimester.  See our rental contract for complete contract details.  Rental payments may be made by phone with a credit card for your convenience. 

  Rental fee per 4 month period or Trimester

Monthly Equivalent Price before tax

Rental Fee including Indiana State Tax at 7%
Violin $74.77 $18.69 $80.00
Viola $93.46 $23.37 $100.00
Cello $112.15 $28.04 $120.00
Bass $140.19 $35.05 $150.00

We look forward to serving all of your string instrument needs!

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