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String Instrument Pickups

We have many different pickups available including Shadow, Fishman, Barcus Berry, Schaller, K&K, LR Baggs and more.  Any acoustic instrument outfitted with a pickup can be plugged in to an amp or PA system to provide the volume desired or required.  Custom pickup installation services are also available at Frank's Violins.

Shadow Pickups

Shadow introduces 3 new pick ups for Stringed instruments that require no modification to the instrument and all feature a super sensitive soundboard pickup, volume and tone control, 1/4" output socket, 3V cell battery,
and very low power consumption.  These pickups provide absolute natural sound with 0 hum.  The pickups are based on Shadow's new Nanoflex technology.  Nanoflex pickups do not only take the vibrations of the strings like common undersaddle pickups.  Nanoflex senses the vibrations of the strings AND the body of the instrument simultaneously.  No other pickup technology gives you this high level of sound reproduction.  The pick up sensor is less than 1 mm thick so modification is generally not necessary.

Professional Violin/Viola Pickup -
SH 945 NFX-V

It mounts easily under the bridge and senses the vibrations of the bridge and the body. Control unit with volume and tone potentiometer mounts on violin side with chin rest type assembly. The control unit has input for pickup and standard 1/4" jack output, 3V cell battery (2032). Mounts easily and provides 1 year lifetime. - Call for pricing!

Professional Cello Pickup - SH 955 NFX-C

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