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It's here...the new Coda "Diamond" GX!
Kevlar acoustic core and Graphite diamond weave put Coda on the leading edge of bow technology.  Come and audition the Coda "Diamond" today!

New Millennium Acoustic Design Carbon Fiber Mandolins

New Millennium Acoustic Design, aka New-MAD, is proud to introduce the world's first and finest carbon fiber mandolins. The Mix A5 and A4 by NewMAD were designed by Peter Mix and Will Kimble to meet the needs of professionals and amateurs alike who demand the highest levels of performance from their instruments. These cutting edge mandolins are available now in f hole or oval hole "A" styles for $3500.00!  Call to place your order soon!

Intelli IMT-500 Chromatic Tuner

Intelli's new IMT-500 clip on tuner (shown close to actual size) is packed with great features!  All for just $34.95!  A great gift for any musician!

  • Clip on chromatic tuner senses vibrations directly without interference from ambient noise
  • Illuminated back lit LCD panel with needle style display meter
  • Ultra compact size, swivels and hinges for perfect viewing position
  • Capo function for tuning while capo is in place
  • "A" calibration from 430 to 449 Hz
  • 12 note full chromatic range, A2 to B7
  • Automatic power off after 3 minutes with no signal
  • Quartz accuracy with +/- 0.5 cents tolerance

Shadow Pickups

Shadow introduces 3 new pick ups for Stringed instruments that require no modification to the instrument and all feature a super sensitive soundboard pickup, volume and tone control, 1/4" output socket, 3V cell battery,
and very low power consumption.  These pickups provide absolute natural sound with “0” hum. The pickups are based on Shadow's new NFX-technology.

Professional Violin/Viola Pickup - SH 945 NFX-V

It mounts easily under the bridge and senses the vibrations of the bridge and the body. Control unit with volume and tone potentiometer mounts on violin side with chin rest type assembly. The control unit has input for pickup and standard 1/4" jack output, 3V cell battery (2032). Mounts easily and provides approximately 1 year of battery life. - $192.00

Professional Cello Pickup - SH 955 NFX-C

It mounts under the bridge foot and senses the vibrations of the bridge and the body. Control unit with volume and tone controls mount between two middle strings.  The control unit has input for pickups and standard 1/4" jack output, 3V cell battery (2032). Mounts easily and provides approximately 1 year of battery life. - $228.00

Professional Upright Bass Pickup - SH 965 NFX-B

It mounts easily under the bridge foot and senses the vibrations of the bridge and the body. Control unit with volume and tone controls mount between two middle strings. The control unit has input for pickup and standard 1/4" jack output, 3V cell battery (2032). Mounts easily and provides approximately 1 year of battery life.  - $264.00

Bobelock Case Company

Bobelock has introduced a new half moon fiberglass full size violin case in seven different colors (black, orange, purple, navy blue, white, dark green and red) with velour lining for $199.00 and velvet lining for $249.00.

Velour lining colors: 

Velvet lining colors: 

Eastman Mandolins

Eastman introduced a new 2 point A style 800 series mandolin at the summer NAMM Show here in Indianapolis.  This one sounded great!

Click here to see Eastman's mandolin workshop tour and to learn more about these finely hand crafted instruments.  Call for our current inventory status of these great mandolins starting at $650.00.  Model styles include both A (teardrop with no scroll) and F (with scroll) both available with oval or "f" style sound holes 

Kun Shoulder Rests

The Voce represents a revolution in shoulder rest design. Created from authentic aerospace-grade carbon fiber, the Voce is strong, light weight and aesthetically appealing. 

Peterson Music Stand


This innovative, portable music stand transforms into a self contained carrying case that is 2 x 6 x 19 inches.  High quality, extremely portable and durable.  Great for those gigs on the go!



Look what Water Violet bows brought us!
A Snakewood German style bass bow

This is a beautiful example of the quality workmanship from Water Violet bows.  These photos barely do it justice.  Call today for more information!  Snakewood bows are also available for violin, viola and cello.  Custom made baroque bows also are available in pernambuco or snakewood.

Mandolin Cases gone wild!
Fiberglass cases from Eastman for $150.00

These cases are hot!  Sturdy fittings, rubber feet, strap and a weather-tight seal...a mandolinist's dream!

Available in red, blue, silver, yellow, white, green and black in "F" style only

Samuel Shen Model 80 Bass

Professional set up with Obligato strings, wheeled
bridge adjusters, includes bag and bow

Introductory price of $1595.00


 Wood Music Stand - European built
Great for the Music Room

New CD Release!

Hot Club of Naptown

"All Swings Considered" features acoustic jazz violin, guitar, mandolin and bass, as well as jazz vocals. The group performs tunes by Django Reinhardt, Duke Ellington, Lyle Lovett, Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks, and many jazz standards and originals. The group appeared last year at the I.U. Museum of Art’s popular Jazz in July series and opened for bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs in 2001. One song, Canned Music, from the debut CD was included in the Indy MP3 Project CD compilation of music by Indiana artists.  Advance copies of the CD have been receiving excellent reviews and praise from some of the leading Hot Club-style musicians in the country. John Reischman, acclaimed as one of the world’s finest mandolinists and a former member of bands such as the Tony Rice Unit and the Good Ole Persons, had this to say about the group’s new recording:

“Hot Club swing played with passion and virtuosity is alive and well in the Hoosier state! Combining engaging vocals with powerful instrumental talents on mandolin, violin and Django-style guitar, Indiana’s Hot Club of Naptown offers a great selection of familiar standards, under-recorded gems and wonderful originals that blend perfectly.”

This is a wonderful collection of swing music from some fantastic Indiana musicians dedicated to swing.  A must for every collection!  Available now!

Thomastic Infeld Vision Titanium Strings

The new synthetic core strings VISION TITANIUM (TM) incorporate newest materials, next generation production technology, unique laser quality control with hologram branding and will be targeted to the "advanced professional player".

product features:
* titanium design (TM)
* settles in quickly
* outstanding tuning stability
* rich, complex sound
* exceptional playability
* laser quality controlled
* moisture proof blister-pack
* original product security seal

Available Now!

Sorinuri Quartz Metronome / Tuner / Tone Generator

Metronome with powerful beat, volume control, variable downbeat, a variety of subdivisions, nearly 4 octaves of tones (ideal for tonic drone in scale practice), and fast, easy to read chromatic tuner.

Loud beat and volume control - Optional downbeat tone for two to six beats per bar - Subdivision option in various eighth, triplet, and sixteenth note patterns - Plays more than three octaves of pitches in half-step intervals - Tuner with clear, fast, readout showing the note played - Sharp, flat, or in-tune indicators - Battery, protective case, & music stand clip included

Pierre Guillaume Rosin 

Keeping our promise to deliver the highest quality products, we are proud to offer the new rosin produced by Bruxelles's Master Bow Maker, Pierre Guillaume.  An all season amber rosin in a unique carved wood box.

The Amadeus Book of the Violin

Publisher: Amadeus Press, Author: Walter Kolneder

Available for the first time in English, this book has been considered the best single encyclopedia of the violin for 20 years. All aspects of the violin are covered: construction, history and literature; violin playing and teaching; and violin virtuosos through the ages.

K. Holtz Carbon Composite Bows

K. Holtz bows look modern because they are modern. But they incorporate age-old standards of weight, strength, and flexibility. This is possible because the carbon fiber material from which they are constructed has been developed for an ideal combination of strength and flexibility, and they are finely balanced for ideal tone production and control. K. Holtz carbon fiber bows are durable as well.

K. Holtz bows have quality Mongolian horse hair. Traditional nickel-mounted ebony frogs with mother-of-pearl inlays are mounted on state-of-the-art carbon composite sticks. And now, K. Holtz bows are available in a rainbow of colors to salute the bold character of players who want excellent playability in an ultra-modern bow.


Ingles Violin & Viola - Cello & Bass Stands

Violin/Viola Stand

Convenient bow hanger - Leave your shoulder rest attached - Fully adjustable stand fits all instrument sizes. 




Cello/Bass Stand

Grip knobs for easy adjustment to height of stand - Leave your pin extended - Convenient bow hanger - Fully adjustable stand fits all instrument sizes.


21st Century Violinists, Virtuosos, Cellists, and String Quartets

In this collection of in-depth interviews, today's leading performers discuss making music on the world's most beloved instruments. Whether they're child prodigies just coming onto the stage or cultural icons whose careers have had a lasting influence on generations of players, they provide a rare glimpse into the fascinating lives of classical soloists.  How they practice, how they work with other musicians, their performance secrets and anxieties, what moves and inspires them - all this and more comes to life in this series of revealing one-on-one conversations. Each of the interviews was conducted by a fellow musician and first published in the pages of Strings magazine, where both professionals and dedicated amateurs share their passion for music.


Violin Owner's Manual

Here's the book that should have come with your violin! Written by a team of leading instrument makers, repairers and musicians, this is the one comprehensive guide to selecting, understanding, preserving and protecting any violin, from a modest fiddle to a priceless Stradivari. Richly illustrated with photographs and drawings, it covers topics including: selecting the proper instrument and bow, understanding common repairs, finding the right maker, guarding against theft, getting a good setup, protecting your violin, choosing a case, and more.

Tipbook Series

The Tipbook Series books are handy, accessible, thorough and convenient guides for players who want to get the most out of their instrument. They are written in collaboration with and proofread by musicians, teachers, technicians and other experts - for beginners, students and advanced players. Features include: lessons, teachers and practicing · all jargon explained · basic background information · price indications · the history and the family of the instrument · and more. The violin and viola book covers topics such as: selecting and play-testing violins and violas, buying strings, bows and accessories, maintenance and tuning, as well as a violinist's glossary. Interesting sections on the history and manufacture ... really, it's all here. The tips on maintenance are excellent!

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