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Mandolin Information

We carry many mandolins from starting at $149 for "A" style mandolins and $299.00 for F style mandolins.  Mandolin brands we carry include Eastman, Kentucky, Rover, Danville, and many others.  We also consign some vintage mandolins.  Please contact us for our current inventory and availability.  We also have a huge selection of mandolin cases from ProTec, Bobelock, mandolin bags from Boulder and Golden Gate, Wegen and D'Andrea picks, straps, books and DVD's and more. Mandolin repair services are also available.  Call us today for all your mandolin needs! 

If you're into mandolin here are some great places to check out!

Mandolin cases and gig bags?  Click here!

Free Mandolin Lessons!

Looking for some free mandolin lessons?  Here's a few quick lesson videos from me, "Mando" Mark and a list of my favorite YouTube videos which I highly recommend viewing!  The mandolin chord form information is great fundamental information for building all mandolin chords.  Private lessons are also available by appointment for students of all levels. 

Mandolin Chord Forms (with youTube links, it's all here!)
YouTube Mandolin Lessons
Using Mandolin Chord Forms

Frank's Violin's YouTube Favorites

You will also find a lot of tabs on Mandozine listed above.  Check into the tabledit program on Mandozine's page.  Click here for the link!  Tabledit is a program that allows you to work with tablature and learn many mandolin songs at various skill levels.  You can also see the actual fingering with the program and slow the song down to any tempo for learning purposes. 

Here's another great link for all of the Jethro Burns fans.  Jim Nikora recorded his lessons with Jethro and they can be downloaded for free!  Four CD's of mandolin lessons from Jethro Burns of Homer & Jethro fame.  As they say...priceless!

If I can help with any mandolin related questions don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone!

Check out this beauty from Eastman Strings!  Call to find out more!

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