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In the News
The latest on what's happening at Frank's Violins, around Indianapolis and more...

The third annual Midwest Mandolin Festival will be held in Indianapolis at Eagle Creek Park on Saturday, June, 2, 2007.  Click here for all the information!

The Hedgehog Music Showcase opened in Arcadia, IN, Friday, November 3rd with Bleu D'jango (fantastic gypsy jazz), the 4th with Richard Smith (guitarist extraordinaire) and the 5th with Bahler-Graber.  This is a new non-smoking music venue in the hometown of the Hoosier Hotshots.  Shows will continue every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Call for the latest schedule at 317-984-3560.

Congratulations to Indiana fiddler Julane Lund for winning the Indiana State Fair fiddle competition.  See the article from the Martinsville Reporter-Times Click here to learn more about Julane and her appearances here in Indiana.  Julane will be teaching at our store beginning in mid-February so call to schedule a lesson today!

Mandolinist David Grisman brings his 30th year musical celebration tour to Indiana at Perdue on November 12th, 2006!  Click here for information!

Chris Thile and the How to Grow a Band performed here in Indianapolis at the Music Mill on October 25th, 2006 and amazed everyone who attended.  Click here to see a photo from the show and for the link to their webpage.

Sofia Violins, an Indianapolis based company, has been featured in this Indianapolis Business Journal article.  Sofia Violins was applauded for their forward thinking global business decisions and it's dedication to fine quality hand crafted instruments.  We are honored to carry Sofia's fine instruments here at our store.  We have a number of Sofia violins and violas in stock so please stop in at our store and play one and see what a difference quality can make!

Computer model to delve into Stradivari's secret.  Swedish scientists hope to un-lock the secret of the finest violins in the world.

I was fortunate to attend Mark O'Connor's Hot Swing Live tour in Louisville, KY, the first date of the tour in the wake of the Sept. 27, 2005 release of his third Hot Swing Jazz CD, Mark OíConnorís Hot Swing Trio Live in New York.  OíConnorís 26-city Hot Swing Live Tour which commenced Oct. 1, 2005 in Louisville, Ky. to support the release of the album with an all-star ensemble that includes: bassist Jon Burr (an original member of the Hot Swing Trio and former bassist for Stephane Grappelli), guitarist Bryan Sutton, guitarist Howard Alden and vocalist Roberta Gambarini.  What really caught my eye and ear was Jon Burr's bass made by Hannah Mayne, a gamba style bass with great tone and style.  Here's a video clip I found about Ms. Mayne.  Our hats off to her and her basses...fantastic!

Hardanger Fiddle!  What's that???  The hardanger fiddle is an 8-9 stringed, highly ornamented Norwegian folk instrument.  Learn more about the instrument from Indiana artist Julane Lund Click here to learn more about Julane and her appearances here in Indiana.

A marriage of music and art!  See the Painted Violins of the Carmel Symphony Orchestra that raised money at a recent auction for the educational programs and outreach of the CSO and the CSO League.

Mandolin Cafe News updates are now available on our site!  Click here for the latest in mandolin headlines and news!

Beyond bluegrass!  The new Nickel Creek CD "Why should the fire die?" is out!  Click here to link to their video, "When In Rome".  Sara Watkins' fiddle just soars and Chris Thile sure tears up that mandolin!  If you have never heard Chris play the mandolin check out his solo CD "Not all who wander are lost".  Fantastic stuff with a cast of stars!  Guest artists include Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer, Jerry Douglas, Jeff Coffin (of the Flecktones), Stuart Duncan, Bryan Sutton, and Byron House, as well as fellow Nickel Creek members Sean and Sara Watkins.

Antonio Stradivari - His Life and Work (1644-1737)
W. Henry Hill, Arthur F. Hill & Alfred E. Hill
Originally Published in 1902, Cello Heaven has this internet edition available on-line.  Click here to learn more.

Vassar Clements, legendary fiddler passed away.  He will be missed by all!  A quote from Vassar's web page -  "On August 16th 2005 at 8:25 am Nashville time, the angels in heaven stopped singing for a moment, as they heard the most beautiful music approaching from a distance - the high lonesome sound of Vassar Clements' fiddle."

Eastman Mandolins introduces a 2 point A style mandolin at the summer NAMM show in Indianapolis. 

Mandolin Players Unite!  Become a member of the Mandolin Society of Central Indiana!  It's Free and it's fun!  Click here to find out more about "Mandolindy" and MSCI!

If you happen to find yourself in Madison, WI don't miss The Randall Harrison Trio.  For more info and other dates see their his web site at  Randall's violin playing soars!

Here's a great link from ThinkQuest to learn more about the violin!
Click here!

We are happy to add Lori Honer to our teaching staff and she is now instructing cello students here at Frank's Violins.  Call for more information!

The Republic" newspaper in Columbus, IN features Jeri Cannon and her painted dolphin named "Doo Wop" - Click Here!  Columbus artist Jeri Cannon is one of 20 Hoosier artists whose work is featured in the Indianapolis Zooís Dolphins By Design Project.

Frank's Violins welcomes Byron Plexico, the former concertmaster of the Carmel Symphony Orchestra of 15 years, to our teaching staff.  He now has limited openings available for violin and viola students here at Frank's Violins.

A 16 1/4 inch viola, circa 2004, is currently available from our own maker Benjamin Parrott.  Beautifully antiqued with a wonderful deep sound and rich tone.  Call for details.

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