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We carry a wide range of bows starting with student violins bows to gold mounted bows.  Bows made from fiberglass, fiberglass/carbon fiber composite, carbon fiber, brazilwood, pernambuco, and snakewood are available.  Mountings include nickel silver, silver and gold.  Baroque bows are also available.  See the April 2004 Smithsonian Magazine article on Pernambuco, "Saving the Music Tree".  The article mentioned Water Violet, Arcos, Horst John and Marco Raposo bows.  We currently stock bows from all of these companies and more!

Water Violet Bows

Horst John Bows

Marco Raposo Bows


Top to Bottom:  Water Violet snakewood cello bow, Marco Raposo violin bow, Water Violet snakewood violin bow, Horst John violin bow, Albert Nurnberger violin bow, Emile DuPres violin bow

Coda Bows

It's here...the new Coda "Diamond" GX!
Kevlar acoustic core and Graphite diamond weave put Coda on the leading edge of bow technology.  Come and audition the Coda "Diamond" today!

Check this out!  A very classy bow!  The "Snakewood" Conservatory!







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Jon Paul Bows

What makes JonPaul Bows the finest carbon composite bows in the world?

Never before has so much bow been offered for so little money. JonPaul bows are responsive and pull a beautiful tone. They inspire confidence and improve a player�s skill. See, feel, and hear the difference.

� JonPaul bows are crafted from start to finish in the U.S.A. Our customers enjoy great service and the highest quality bows.
� Each model has a different formula. The combination of advanced materials and classic design produces the rich tone of fine wood bows.
� The heads don�t pop off. All JonPaul bows share a one-piece molding process, with the silver tip molded into the bow. Single-piece construction means the stick is strong from tip to button. You can feel secure playing your JonPaul bow indoors, outdoors, or in a cramped orchestra pit.
� With color infused to the very core of the stick, the diamond finish is durable and beautiful.
A fine bow deserves beautiful components. Designed by wood bow makers, JonPaul bows are crafted with a traditional French Peccatte/Maline style head. They are fitted with high-grade materials and are finished in the tradition of classic bows.

Maestro Violin Bow

Avanti Violin Bow

Arpege Violin Bow

Bravo Violin Bow

Eastman Strings Bows

Carbon composite bows for great performance at a reasonable price.  All colors and sizes available for violin, full size only for viola and cello.  Eastman also offers many levels of Brazilwood and Pernambuco bows.

K.Holtz fiberglass bows are great student bows.  Fully lined ebony frog with leather grip, nickel silver winding and as always real horsehair

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